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Back to reality

I think the fact that life is short and fragile never bothered me much until today when I stumbled upon a crumpled piece of paper stuffed carelessly under a pile of my old diaries. It was a list of pretty much all things that I wanted to do at least once in this life. It…

Just another Monday morning!!

So, I woke up today with puffy eyes because of all the crying from last night. It is not like I have an exciting social life that I look forward to every weekend nor do I hate my job to hate Mondays, it is just a normal amount of reaction to the weekend ending.  Well,…


Is it just me or did everyone get timeouts as punishments growing up? My mom often used to make me stand facing the wall whenever I did something which was not considered a good kid behaviour. I never took them seriously to be honest, so they never had the kind of effect on me as…

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