Nothing personal!!

Just another Monday morning!!

So, I woke up today with puffy eyes because of all the crying from last night. It is not like I have an exciting social life that I look forward to every weekend nor do I hate my job to hate Mondays, it is just a normal amount of reaction to the weekend ending.  Well,Continue reading “Just another Monday morning!!”


Is it just me or did everyone get timeouts as punishments growing up? My mom often used to make me stand facing the wall whenever I did something which was not considered a good kid behaviour. I never took them seriously to be honest, so they never had the kind of effect on me asContinue reading “Timeout”

Moral of the story

It was a warm summer morning. I was pacing impatiently in our front porch. I had already checked the setting twice, it was perfect. The folding armchair was placed in my regular spot, frooti was in the refrigerator ready to be taken out. It was 10 minutes past 10:30. Just when I was about toContinue reading “Moral of the story”


Does it ever happen to you when you read motivational quotes or articles, and instead of getting inspired, they scare you? You read about all the hard work someone has put in to be where they are today, at the top of the success ladder and there you are, contemplating whether you even have itContinue reading “Confusion!”


Sometimes, someone on the outside can never understand what goes on between two other people. And sometimes only a third person, someone on the outside, can truly comprehend what goes on between two other people, when they themselves are unable to figure it out. Most of the time, it takes a setback or an emotionalContinue reading “Balance”

Looking back…

2020 was a remarkably awful year. For someone who gets overwhelmed even by the most trivial changes, I consider making it through the year a pretty big victory. The year sucked at so many levels, and on top of this I lost something (or someone) truly important to me. So, I guess feeling extra-overwhelmed rightContinue reading “Looking back…”

To trying…

You know all this year I have been obsessed about how I should have done things differently and if it would really have made any change. I used to think that I tried my best, but after this one year of contemplation and learning, I realised that even though I did try my best, IContinue reading “To trying…”


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