Back to reality

I think the fact that life is short and fragile never bothered me much until today when I stumbled upon a crumpled piece of paper stuffed carelessly under a pile of my old diaries. It was a list of pretty much all things that I wanted to do at least once in this life. It felt a little sad to see that I have not managed to tick off even 1/4th of the stuff from this list. Most of the things I have been putting off is simply because I don’t want to do them alone. Other half is the stuff that I can do, but don’t want to until I have someone in my life to whom I can narrate the experiences. Yes, I do believe in soulmates and ‘the one’.

Life used to feel so full of hopes when I was 25. And now, it is hard just to sit and feel. Past few years, it was so easy to detach from everything that I failed to realise how out of touch I have become with what is happening around. I am not even sure I knew the person I was and like the one I am becoming. Feels just like yesterday when we said goodbye to 2022 and we are well in February 2023 already!

Is this how it happens for everyone after coming back to reality or is it just me who has been going at it all wrong?


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