Just another Monday morning!!

So, I woke up today with puffy eyes because of all the crying from last night. It is not like I have an exciting social life that I look forward to every weekend nor do I hate my job to hate Mondays, it is just a normal amount of reaction to the weekend ending.  Well, some might call it an overreaction but whatever. It is just the Sunday effect. And I hate it. It irks me even more than when I hear someone use past tense with didn’t or call a laptop ‘lappy’.

I am a weird person with very little control on my emotions. I cry when I am angry, happy, sad, and hungry. I usually try to avoid watching or reading anything that might trigger the Sunday effect even more, but sometimes I just give in and watch something heartfelt and then cry my eyes out and then regret it for like an hour before I fall asleep with a headache. I envy people who can turn off their data at night, who don’t overthink, who aren’t unnecessarily impulsive, and who have a considerable amount of control over their emotions, huge respect!!

Then, as if I haven’t had enough anxious and weird thoughts through the night, the Monday morning also starts with immense indecisiveness. It becomes a real struggle between choosing to stay in bed or going for a walk. Headache makes it worse and puffy eyes attract unnecessary attention from fellow walkers. But being out there with other people also gives a sense of security and calm. And frankly the staring doesn’t bother anymore after a point because crying makes everyone look cute. It doesn’t seem like a huge deal but getting out of bed despite being sleepy is the better decision, because once the playlist picks up and those endorphins kick in, it starts feeling okay again.

We keep seeing these posts like another day, another chance and maybe it is true. There are so many things that can be upsetting when they don’t go the way we hope, and it sucks. Ending of weekend sucks. But anyway, we eventually start feeling okay. Maybe Mondays are not so bad after all. At least not until anyone at work starts irritating you. Mondays even feel exciting when there is something to look forward to. And then just like that the day gets over. You can again go back to playing unrealistic scenarios in your head, overthink or be emotional about the feel-good social media posts.

There is always Friday night and Saturday to look forward to, so it is not that bad after all.


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