Is it just me or did everyone get timeouts as punishments growing up? My mom often used to make me stand facing the wall whenever I did something which was not considered a good kid behaviour. I never took them seriously to be honest, so they never had the kind of effect on me as my mom hoped they would. I had a very short attention span to keep on thinking about one thing for long, and well, dad always saved me from these “self-reflection” times.

The current situation makes me feel exactly like one non-ending timeout. It is just you and your million crazy thoughts alone, trying to make some sense of everything. In a way, it has been enriching as well. No wonder we are all going to come out different and hopefully, a better person when all this shit ends. These last few months have been a real eye-opener.

Remember that famous dialogue from Baazigar movie, sometimes to win, you must be prepared to lose something. The real maverick is the one who ends up ultimately winning the end game (Umm brb… Must go and watch Shahrukh saying it πŸ™ˆ).

Come to think of it, what kind of person we would be without going through those unpleasant situations, or those setbacks that defeated us? Or, how convenient it would be to never go through a difficult situation? But these many years of being a Potterhead has made me believe in magic and finding as many silver linings as I can in dark moments. Of course, this realisation takes a little longer to hit, sometimes after a ridiculously long period of moping and weeping, but it always comes.

So now, my take on all this is – Keep β€˜em coming. More the struggles, more the number of stories and lessons I will have to bore others with when I am old!!


2 thoughts on “Timeout

  1. Very nicely written. Your vocabulary and command over language is marvelous ! Do keep on writing. God Bless you with all that you long for.

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