Right people, wrong time, right people!

Is there really any such thing as meeting the right person at the wrong time? Because if the person is the right person, they will not change or leave just because the time is not right. Am I right? I mean, no matter what, it all comes to this one point that the right person will always be there for you, no matter the circumstances, no matter the hardships.

But then another question is that even if the “right” person leaves when the time is not right, does this mean that the person is no longer the right one for you? It certainly doesn’t change the fact that you feel the happiest around this person who you know is the right one for you.

Right or wrong, maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe all that matters are the choices that you make. Because even if the person who was right for you at a certain time in your life is not there anymore, it doesn’t imply that they are now the wrong ones for you. It depends on how you choose to view that person, and how you let their leaving affect you.

I haven’t been in touch with people who considered me their good friend at some point in their lives, and I have also been left by people with whom I share some of the best memories. I don’t detest the ones who left me. There may be a little anger and hurt, but not hatred. And I hope that the ones I left don’t hate me either. We still are the right people, we just chose at that time, to not make efforts to save our connection. Because sometimes things just happen, am I right?


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