To communicating “out loud”

My name is Aishwarya Kher. I am a hopeless romantic, avid reader, sucker for Shahrukh movies, Potterhead and have always been a little too optimistic. Over thinking and over analysing the situations is my forte.

Recently I experienced something, a setback, which made me question all the supposedly “real things” in my life. I think this moment comes in everyone’s life at one point or another when they get a wake-up call. I suppose this was mine. It was after this, when almost everything started to seem uninteresting, even my favourite series the Big Bang Theory, that I started to ponder over why things happen the way they do, and why acceptance of the situation seems so damn hard. Trust me, it is. You can read over 100 quotes on Pinterest on how to deal with tough situations, how to accept things the way they are when something doesn’t go your way, but nothing helps. 

My close friend shared something with me one day. It said “Whatever happens, happens for the best. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, it gets better with time. We just need to find a silver lining and hold on to it”. I thought oh boy! She is going to give real competition to the extreme optimistic in me. And that’s when I realized how easily I had given up on hope. Okay, now this will be an exaggeration to say that I never give up. I have given up on diet more than 5 times, I have given up on learning piano shortly after a week. Once I made up my mind to learn French, fantasized myself on a trip to France, flirting with a handsome French guy “un beau homme” (How do I know this? I googled ‘How to say you are handsome in French’ while writing this. So, thank you google. Also, no comments on how bad I am at flirting). But there are some things in you, which make you the person you are. And I had given up on that inherent quality of mine. I decided to bring it back. I thought to myself what’s the worst that can happen? The worst is already happening to you Aishwarya, so instead of wallowing in the hurt and negativity, why not be hopeful and try to be positive. It is said that universe picks up the vibes you give, so why not send positive vibes. Because after a while, you yourself get tired of that downward curve of your lips. I know there is a 99% chance that the situation will not turn out the way I desperately want it to but moping around isn’t going to turn the tables in my favour either.

Well, easier said than done. Since then, I am trying to strike a balance between being positive, and the gloomy thoughts, courtesy over-thinking. Sometimes, crying clears the mind too. I feel it really helps when you say, whatever you’re feeling, out loud. It gives your thoughts a voice. I communicate more easily when I write, and what better medium than blogging to voice my opinions, overwhelming emotions, everyday stories, funny incidents. I am not entirely sure of where this idea will take me, but who cares. As they say, the stories we love best, live in us forever. So, here’s to doodling thoughts and communicating “out loud”.


8 thoughts on “To communicating “out loud”

  1. That’s so wonderful..You have expressed it so perfectly. Writing such thoughts not only give your emotions a right direction but it guides others also….keep it up girl.

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